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"LIFCON: Leading HDD Contracting Company"

LIFCON is a leading HDD contracting company based in Jeddah, operating throughout Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with established site offices. Since 2009, we specialize in HDD and pipe jacking, delivering high-quality, timely solutions for major projects including telecommunications infrastructure. Our fleet includes unique 660-ton machines, making us a trusted choice for prestigious projects across the region.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Solutions

"Precision drilling services are meticulously customized to accommodate diverse soil conditions, ranging from standard soils to challenging hard and rocky terrains. Our expertise ensures effective navigation through varying geological landscapes, maintaining high efficiency and reliability throughout the drilling process."


Underground Heavy Duty Trenching

"Specialized in underground heavy duty trenching, we deliver robust solutions for efficient and reliable infrastructure development below the surface."


Overhead Power Transmission

"Specializing in overhead power transmission, we provide reliable solutions for efficient and effective electricity distribution across distances."

Heavy Machinary rental

Heavy Machinary Rentals

"Offering heavy machinery rentals for diverse industrial needs, ensuring reliable equipment for efficient project execution and operational flexibility.".


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We utilized cutting-edge HDD technology, including thrust boring and HDD steering, to achieve accurate pipeline installation while minimizing environmental impact.

**FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about LIFCOIN**

What industries does LIFCOIN serve?

LIFCOIN serves various industries including telecommunications, construction, infrastructure development, and utilities across Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

What types of equipment does LIFCOIN offer?

LIFCOIN specializes in horizontal directional drills (HDD), pipe jacking equipment, and trenchless technology solutions tailored for different soil conditions.

Does LIFCOIN provide equipment rental services?

Yes, LIFCOIN offers equipment rental services with a diverse fleet of drilling machines suitable for different project requirements and soil types.

How can I find a LIFCOIN service center or office?

You can locate LIFCOIN's service centers or offices by visiting the company's website or contacting their customer service for assistance in Saudi Arabia and all over Middle east.

What support and project management services does LIFCOIN offer?

LIFCOIN provides comprehensive support including project management, consultation, and maintenance services to ensure efficient and timely completion of drilling and infrastructure projects.

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Achieve excellence with Lifcon's certification programs, ensuring industry-leading standards and unparalleled expertise in all your heavy machinery, power transmission, trenching, and Horizontal directional Drilling projects.

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