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Sized within legal dimensions in transport mode, the D330x500 travels to job sites at any time of day. Once there, you’ll set up fast because of its self-contained design. The 486 hp/363 kW Caterpillar C-15 Tier 3 diesel engine gives you a ground-penetrating 50,000 ft-lb./67,800 Nm of rotational torque and 330,000 lbs/1,468 kN of thrust/pullback.


340,000 lbs (151 Ton)

Max spindle torque:

50,800 lb (67,791 Nm)

Max spindle speed at max engine rpm:

89 rpm

Max ground drive speed:

2.98 mph (4.8 km/hr.) Min bore diameter:

9.5 " (241 mm )

Max bore diameter:

64 " (1625 mm )

Min bend radius 300' (135 m)

Automated rod loader:


Drill rack angle: 13 18 degrees

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