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The D220x500 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill supports large-diameter water and utility installs in urban areas, as well as challenging pipeline work. Choose between cab on, or a separate stand-alone driller’s cab. Outfitting the drill with a 30-ft (9.1-m) rack gives crews the ability to use a variety of range 2 drill pipe, helping decrease the number of tool joint connections – the optimal setup for performing pipeline work. Integrate either a rod stager with a wire line platform, or a full-length catwalk for ease of access up and down the rack. Maximize productivity with a 415-hp (309-kW) Caterpillar engine that helps deliver 52,600 ft-lb (71,316.1 Nm) of rotary torque and a fluid course which allows high volumes of fluid to be pumped downhole for larger-diameter bores. Designed for performance. Built to your preference.


242,100 lb (110 Ton)

Max spindle torque:

30,750 ft-lb (41,691.4 Nm)

Max spindle speed at max engine rpm:

164 rpm

Max ground drive speed:

1.8 mph (2.9 km/hr.) Min bore diameter:

9.5 " (241 mm )

Max bore diameter:

54 " (1371 mm )

Min bend radius 300' (135 m)

Automated rod loader:


Drill rack angle: 13 18 degrees

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