Adey Abeba Stadium: Back on Track with Renewed Funding and International Partnership

Adey Abeba Stadium: Back on Track with Renewed Funding and International Partnership

Good news for Ethiopian sports fans! The long-stalled construction of the Adey Abeba Stadium is set to resume, thanks to a funding pledge secured by the Prime Minister from the UAE and a collaborative effort with international partners.

From Stalemate to Progress:

Remember the initial contractor China Construction Design Corporation? Their contract was terminated due to payment issues, leaving the project in limbo for eight years. However, the Prime Minister stepped in, securing funding from the UAE to revive the project.

Transparency & Efficiency:

The Ministry of Culture and Sport is taking a transparent approach. They partnered with sponsors to send a team of experts who initiated a portion of the construction. Following that, a consultancy firm, MH, was hired to launch an international bid for the remaining work, divided into three lots.

International Expertise & Cost Considerations:

Five international contractors submitted proposals, with the lowest bid at USD 64 million likely to secure the contract. Sources speculate that this aligns with the expected amount from the UAE pledge. Additionally, the Ministry recovered over 400 million birr from previous payments to the Chinese contractor.

A Step Forward for Ethiopian Sports Infrastructure:

This project signifies a significant advancement for Ethiopia's sporting infrastructure. The collaborative efforts with international partners demonstrate a commitment to building a world-class stadium.

Beyond Adey Abeba: Ambitious National Plans

The government aspires to construct up to six international-standard stadiums across the country within the next five years. This ambitious plan is fueled by Ethiopia's desire to host the Africa Cup of Nations. A dedicated committee has even been formed to develop a roadmap for these national sporting ambitions.

The future of Ethiopian sports infrastructure looks bright! Stay tuned with for updates on the Adey Abeba Stadium's progress and the nation's pursuit of hosting the Africa Cup of Nations.

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